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Staff Application - eDateMeImGirl

Username: eDateMeImGirl

Name: Lea

Age: 15

Timezone: CET (Germany)

Are you multilingual? If so, in what languages?: Yes: German and English

Do you have any sort of ban/mute or server kick record? Please Explain: I haven't been banned, muted or kicked.

How would you rate your Maturity? (10 being the highest): I'd rate my Maturity 8/10.

How many hours do you spend on the server?: I can spend more than 3 hours per day.

Why do you want to be staff: I want to become a staff member since I like the server and the community. I also want to help you to moderate the server. Most of the time there're no staffmembers online because you guys are busy people. I always help people as much as I can.

Do you understand what it means to be a staff members and the duties you will have to perform: Yes, I do. I also realize that I'll have to spend some time on the server.

Have you ever had any sort of past staffing expierence, No matter how big or small?
(Please give details)

I've been mod, dev, admin on some smaller servers and even owned one but most of the servers have closed now.

What sort of difference do you feel you could make to the Chillax server by becoming a staff member?:
Since I'm realy active I could help people whenever they need help. I could also help with server issues since I have lots of experience with Minecraft servers (not that much with modded servers though).

Are you patient enough to handle the tasks undertaken as a staff member? If so, please provide examples.:
I am very patient. I just dont know what examples i should provide.

Are you on our Chillax Discord?:
I am on the Chillax Discord (Crybaby#5048)

Do you understand the Modpacks that you will need to be working with?:
Yes, I do. I already have experience in Hexxit from the past and I'm learning new things about it on a daily basis.

Example Situations

You see two of the staff members fighting over the public chat, what do you do?:
I would tell them to clarify their problems in a private chat.

A player claims that another player is using a hacked client, how do you handle the situation?:
I would spectate the suspect to see if he's actually cheating, if so I'll ban him.

A player is spamming in chat that he wishes to be banned from the server, How do you react?:
I would tell the person to stop spamming in chat. If he keeps on doing I would mute him.

A player is continuously being disrespectful to the staff members including yourself. How do you handle the situation?:
I would still treat him respectfull and tell him to stop being toxic, if he exaggerates or keeps on swearing and offending people after I warned him, I would mute him.

You are having a problem with one of your fellow staff members/ you are fighting with one of them. How do you handle the situation?:
I would treat him respectfull and try to find a conclusion so we won't have the problem again.
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